Animal Resources
Below are some online resources for animal guardians and lovers. . These organizations provide invaluable service for animals and their guardians. Whether you choose to adopt a dog from The Pepper Foundation  or not, these services can help find the right pet, care for it, or become involved in animal compassion and rescue. Our animals and many others are posted on Petfinder. – This link takes you to a list of our 6 city Los Angeles shelters, where you can find many animals that are available for adoption. You can also look for your lost pet. – This is also a great link to find an animal to adopt. It will list all the shelters, including all of Los Angeles County and City shelters, as well as other surrounding area shelters. – Our doggies as well as many many others are posted on this website, including lots of wonderful invaluable information. – this is a wonderful resource for viewing many animals listed in city and county animal shelters! – this is a wonderful website and resource page with lots of information and help matching seniors for seniors program nation wide!! check it out!