Special Needs kids!


Cora rescued from the Salinas Shelter

This was the picture that someone sent to us on Fb and it practically broke my heart! The shelter said she was in very bad shape and that perhaps she should be euthanized! But I had a feeling about her, and I asked our rescue friends up in Salinas if they could possibly check her out for us and see if maybe she was stable enough to make the trip to Los Angeles, which is about a 6 hour drive.
Lo and Behold she was stable and was transported to us by a lovely woman visiting her daughter down here in the area. Her name is Cora and she is the most endearing little girl, we think approx 16 yrs old. She does have health issues, including dental disease, oral fistulas, some neurological issues, deformed rear legs, luxated patellas, eye ulcers, severely emaciated. Cora is also deaf but it doesnt seem to bother her and she is very visual and very focused on things around her!
She is one of the little special needs seniors in our care right now. we are so happy that we were able to rescue her and give her the love and medical care that she so desperately needs.
We are urgently trying to raise funds to help our little Cora! Our pay pal address is pepperfoundation@aol.com and our mailing addres is:
The pepper Foundation
3949 Laurel Canyon Blvd. #735
Studio City, CA 91604
All donations are tax deductible and will go to helping Cora!

meeting Cora for the very first time!


Cora and her new friend Smokey







Look at our little cora now!!!!! Cora had 12 teeth pulled and oral fistuals repair! She is one happy little girl now, pain free and eating wonderfully! she is ready for adoption and will make a wonderful companion for someone! She is gentle, sweet, and has very simple needs! She loves to be held and she is the perfect little lap Doggie! We think she would make the perfect companion for a senior person! If interested in adopting Cora please email us at pepperfoundation@aol.com

Cora after he surgery!! one happy little camper!