Potato Chip’s update!

Due to the extreme condition of Potato Chip’s heart condition we decided to let him live out his life in our care. He is under the care of a wonderful cardiologist and actually does quite well on the medications. Recently however, we had to add something called the flo vent inhaler which can be very expensive, but it does make his quality of life much better.

He is quite the little character and loves to attempt to boss other little dogs around but his bark is much bigger thanĀ  his bite. I have never in my life met such a silly dog, with such a huge heart. His zest for life now is amazing after what he has been through. His tail never ever stops wagging!! You can also follow his story on his very own fb page at:


Here are a few pics of our funny little man! also if anyone would like to help sponsor him, his meds alone are approx $120 per month. But he is so worth it! If you would like to become a monthy sponsor for Potato Chip donations can be sent through our pay pal account @ pepperfoundation@aol.com or can be sent directly to:

The Pepper Foundation

3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd. # 735

Studio City, CA 91604