A Tribute To Shelter Animals!

Yesterday I got up the courage and finally figured out how to make a little music video with images!
LOL once in awhile I CAN figure stuff out on my own! Although I never think I can.

I used to volunteer at the East Valley Animal shelter for two years. This was just before I founded The Pepper Foundation. I worked 6 days a week, and would come home crying every night because the faces of shelter animals would haunt me! I also realized that most of the animals being killed first were the seniors, special needs, pit bulls, chihuahuas, and a lot of the big dogs. So many of the animals I had fallen in love with got killed. I know with volunteering I did make a difference and got so many animals adopted but it was never enough. It’s never enough for me, I know I can always do more!

One night when I got home I sat at my piano and started to sing this song, which seemed to be coming from the perspective of an abandoned dog behind bars. Within minutes this song poured out of me! It was their song, from their hearts, from their souls!!!!!!

If you can, please watch this video on You Tube! I made this video yesterday to honor all the shelter animals that never made it out, who’s lives were gone in an instant because people refuse to spay/neuter their pets, because of backyard breeders, puppy mills and for some folks its just too easy to abandon a family member!

If you like it, please click “like” on you tube! In the first 24 hours its already gotten 447 hits alone. boy it would be a miracle if this could happen every day. Please help me make this video go viral! I want to try to get the message out to please adopt from your local animal shelter!!!!! and if you could please share with your friends!

Btw many of the animals in this video were dogs we’ve rescued, and only a handfull were killed. But I did want to honor the ones that were killed, who’s faces will never leave my heart and soul. One in particular will always haunt me, little Brownie a dog I fell in love with and was going to rescue but didn’t get to him in time. I will never forget that little brown dog! R.I.P. Brownie, I will never forget you!

Please help us make this video go viral! we want to spread the word about the plight of shelter animals!! please view the video on YouTube. on the bottom right hand side of the video click on youtube, and it will take you to the you tube site! thank you guys so much! The more likes we get on YouTube the better our chances of it going viral! xoxoxo