Our friends and supporters!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our supporters. These amazing people have made it possible for us to keep doing the work we believe in and have supported us right from the beginning! To our Pepper Foundation Supporters, thank you so much for your love and support! We could  not do this without you!!! We love you!

Mary Jo and Hank Greenberg Animal Welfare Foundation
Chris Hogan – www.Lifeline4Paws.org
Barry Witler Family
Soper Family Trust Fund
Marcy Montana Gates and John Gates
Carol Leifer
Judith Ciani Smith
Tracey Jacobs
The Heigl Foundation
Elizabeth Luster – www.onshorefoundation.org
Pawsforlove         www.pawsforlove.info
Shepard mullin              http://www.sheppardmullin.com
Vanity Fair                     www.vanityfair.com
Amoeba music              www.amoeba.com
Raise Money For Pets   www.raisemoneyforpets.com
Paws For Love –            www.pawsforlove.info
Chris Hogan     –            www.lifeline4paws.org
Grass Roots Accoustica www.grassrootsaccoustica.org
Second Acts Foundation www.secondacts.org
Petfinder Foundation       www.petfinderfoundation.com
Pedigree Foundation      www.pedigreefoundation.com
Rusty’s Discount Pets   www.rustysdiscountpets.com
On Shore Foundation    www.onshorefoundation.org

Thank you Pedigree Foundation!


Thank you Petfinder for your support!

We also cannot do rescue without the support of our amazing volunteers and foster homes, so we would like to thank the following people for their love and support and endless hours they give to The Pepper Foundation .
Michelle Baldwin     *    our supporter and incredible foster mom!
Gina Jacobson       *     our wonderful supporter and treasurer!
Siobhan Carmean  *    our amazing secretary and volunteer!
Leon Seidman        *    our supporter and board member!
Sue Officer            *     our supporter and foster mommy!
Lynda Johnson      *     our supporter and foster mom!
Anne Blank            *    our incredible volunteer!
Bob Ferber            *     our supporter and volunteer!
Laurie Bienstock   *     for her amazing graphics
Joe Hamilton         *     computer and tech support!
Danielle Stallings  *     supporter and foster  mom
Deb Suard            *     our supporter and foster mommy!