In Memory of Mary

        Penny the Love of Mary’s life!

This was an email I sent out on August 7, 2010….I wish there were more people on this earth like this wonderful woman named Mary who adopted this very old little senior min pin from the Harbor Animal Shelter! My heart is broken today as I just learned that dear Mary passed away……Mary I will miss getting so many wonderful little updates on Penny and how much you loved her and what she meant to you. I will never ever forget you dear Mary, with all my heart you are a dear angel! I hope wherever you are you know that our friend Rebecca is taking wonderful care of Penny and the two of you will be reunited one day!

love Julie xoxox

    Mary and her beloved Penny!!!

Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2010 22:39:00 -0400


This was the original email I sent out to share this very happy story!


 dear friends

  I got a message on fb two days ago from a fb friend who is a groomer down south of lax. she said a senior citizen client of hers just lost her 15 yr old maltese recently and was looking to adopt another senior doggie, she has another senior dog also. my friend asked if i had any seniors for adoption. duh, well of course i have tons. however, this little doggie came to mind for this senior lady. for some reason i thought this dog would be absolutely perfect for her, not even ever having met this woman, and since this dog was about to be euthanezed.  Would it have been nice to place one of our doggies today?? sure! but my heart just had to lead her to this dog, had a strong gut feeling about it………well, there are times when you get those people that just cant make up thier minds and they look and look and they never find what they are looking for. you know the “looky loo’s”

   Not this woman Mary! I’m impressed, cause the one thing that she said she couldn’t do was to go to the shelter cause it makes her so depressed. But she made an exception to save a life!  I told her to go to harbor shelter and meet Vicki Thompson the volunteer down there in the office and that Vicki would bring out this adorable little senior baby! Mary went down there immediately, walked in and said “i’m here to adopt my dog Penny” adopted this dog right on the spot without ever having met her. They walked off into the sunset together!!!!

  Just got off the phone with this woman named Mary. She is madly in love with Penny and will give this doggie the best possible home ever. she even said she was not looking to adopt a young dog becasue she knew that the dog would outlive her, and she did not want this to happen. she wanted to save a life and give a little dog a great home!!!!!!!!!!! just wanted to share this little story with you! this woman has been grieving so hard for the loss of her maltese and when i spoke with her a few mintues ago she said, she got so emotional when she saw penny she almost broke down and started crying, she even gave the shelter an extra $60 because she was so happy! so, One little Senior soul saves another one today!!!!!!!!! just had to share this little happy story for a change, we sure could all  use happy news!

love Julie Chadwick