How one senior doggie can make such a huge difference!

                                                      LITTLE MUFFIN MAN


The story of Little Muffin Man is an extraordinary one because this little senior terrier was slated to die due to age and the fact that the shelter said he was “aggressive and biting.” We know from experience that many times these animals that end up in shelters are just scared and traumatized and will bite out of fear. Once they get out of the shelter they usually do well and are not biting. On a few rare instances we’ve had animals that were so traumatized we had to work with them for a number of months but we find they always come around with lots of TLC.

We rescued this little guy and he went straight into a foster home, where the foster mom was wonderful with him and gave him round the clock attention! He began to trust again and at the age of approx 10 yrs old we thought he had a good chance of being adopted. We were looking for that special someone to fall madly in love with him. We got a call from a lovely woman who lived up in Northern California that said she was madly in love just from looking at his pictures. We made arrangements for her to come down here to meet our little guy and it was absolutely love at first sight. A good friend of ours knew this woman and said her home checked out and after viewing a video slide of her home, and how happy her other little doggies were, and reviewing her online application she was approved as an adopter and she drove home with Little Muffin Man.

Over the next few weeks we got so many updates and wonderful pictures of how happy he was but the most wonderful thing happened of all! Little Muffin Man got trained and approved as a therapy dog and now makes rounds in a convelescent hospital and sits quietly on laps of senior folks giving love and getting tons of love! Now keep in mind this is a little senior dog that the shelter was going to kill because they said he was so aggressive! Now he is changing the lives of so many folks that are being graced with knowing this gentle little soul!!! Way to go Little Muffin Man. We are so happy for you! Bless you Yvonne for giving this little guy such a wonderful happy life! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

This is now how Little Muffin Man spends his days! Giving so much!